Day: October 24, 2019

Why E-Cigs are Harmful

Why E-Cigs are Harmful?

Many producers of e cigarettes claim that this product helps the chain smokers to quit smoking by reducing the level gradually. But many scientists and medical experts says that there are many risks in the consumption of e cigarettes. Some of the disadvantages or the risks of e cigs are noted below.

As we all know e cigs contain nicotine in it which is very harmful for the body of humans. The addictive nature of the e cigs makes it an addiction to the users so that it seems so difficult for them to leave that habit. The harmful effects of nicotine to the adolescent brain is the most commonly discussed topic in the recent years since the growing generation are having social condition which make such drugs readily available to them. The fetal development is also adversely affected by the nicotine in case of pregnant ladies which is tricycle prohibited by tee doctors.

The next risks are with the flavorings of e cigs which is highly toxic and harmful to the health. The most famous brands or repudiated producers of e cigs cannot assure that the flavorings installed are safe to health. The medical practitioners after the analysis of medical reports of the past years clearly states that ninety percent of the lung diseases reported are caused to the regular smokers which could be easily prevented by quitting smoking. The conventional or the medicinal methods of quitting smoking can be followed by the smokers in order to get rid of the habit of smoking.

Many experts are of the opinion that the experimental use of e cigarettes especially by the school students are the major reason why they have changed to the regular smokers. Thus this has to be prevented at any cost by cutting the access of e cigarettes for the teenagers by enforcing struck regulations in the supply and distribution in the local markets around the world. It is also important to be noted that none of the authorized medical agencies has accredited e cigs as a device to quit smoking or reduce the consumption of nicotine in any forms.

The long term effectiveness of the e cigs is also not certified by any authorities. This is because of the addictive nature of the nicotine present in the e cigarettes. Even though the nature and making of e cigarettes as machines make it simpler for the user to reduce smoking level, the nicotine present in the tubes increases the addiction. This is the opinion of FDA about the use of e cigs by regular smokers for the purpose of quitting smoking. There are many regulations imposed by the FDA in order to curb the level of consumption of e cigs by the adolescents.

The risks about e cigs is the content of nicotine present in it since the addictive nature of the same does not make it easier for the users to control their habit of smoking. The FDA or any other authorities have certifies e cigs as a remedy for quitting smoking.…

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