Day: November 19, 2019

More About E-Cigarettes

More About E-Cigarettes

The popularity of e cigarettes has been exploding in the recent years and the question whether the users of such cigarettes are aware of the effects is highly relevant. In the present scenario, the importance of awareness programmers and classes to the growing generation about the consumption of such most modern products in the market is also very important. They should know more about these products so that many of them can be controlled to a large extent. Here are some brief descriptions about the various interesting facts about the working and distribution of e cigarettes.

It is a fact the consumption of nicotine is harmful to health though it is given in a different or acceptable form. It is highly dangerous and unsafe to kids, teens, young adults and growing generation. This is why many of the governments of the developed countries have taken strict measures to control this in all the levels of society. The unauthorized supply or distribution is also considered to be offence in many countries. There are many restrictions imposed on the supply which is authorized by any governmental wing in the country. This is effectively followed in United States of America.

The misconception of many people about the e cigs is the prominent reason why the demand for the same has increased to a greater level which made it available in almost everywhere in the world. There are only few countries which still do not have the supply and demand of the product. No evidences support that these types of cigarettes are risk free or safe though a growing wing of research is there on the same subject. The popular reports on the e cigs state that they do have many harmful effects and impacts on the human body which seems to be a silent attack.

The different harmful impacts of e cigs on health can be summarized as follows:

  1. Adverse Consequences to brain, heart and lungs
  2. Development of tumor which is cancerous
  3. Early delivery and stillbirths in case of pregnant ladies
  4. Adolescent’s consumption can lead to severe impact on brain and other internal organs.

Many reports also have proven that the large number of users of such cigarettes is young people. This is the reason why most of the countries face non productiveness from the part of young generations. The brain and health of young people are adversely affected by the consumption of drugs like this since they are particularly vulnerable. The risk of addiction increases with the young people. The more he or she is young, the more is the possibility of addiction. The cognitive functioning and the development of the brain are the two areas where the risk resides.

The e cigarettes are highly harmful to the health of the users because of the content of nicotine in it. The young people are the most affected category since the experimental use is increasing. The major affects on health are on brain, lungs and other internal organs.…

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